13 Creative Beach Craft Ideas to Try During the Summer

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If you are decorating for a summer beach wedding, you’ll find perfect ideas here. If you are looking for ocean or beach craft ideas for the kids, you’ll find them here also! Make this summer memorable with fun crafts!

1. Driftwood Vase

Simplicity at its finest! The driftwood vase is unbelievably easy to make, and its simple beauty is undeniable. Now, you can walk along the beach and pick up the driftwood to make different projects!

2. Seashell and Glass Floats Wreath

I do wish I had a beach home to hang a nautical wreath like this! This is so beautiful and has a very unique and seaworthy look.

3. Coastal Mirror

Your friends will never believe that you did this mirror makeover yourself. Just follow the instructions at At The Picket Fence to replicate the mirror makeover.

4. Sea Glass Candle Jar

Imagine making these sea glass candle jars to give to your friends as gifts! They will be impressed with your crafting talent. You don’t even have to tell them how easy these were to make!

5. Terry Towel Cover-Up and Beach Pillow

Look what you can make using a beautiful beach towel. There are so many terrific towel prints on the market that you may have to make more than just one.

6. Framed Shells

Here is an easy craft that would be a nice gift for Dad’s office as a reminder of a special summer vacation. Better Homes & Gardens shares the instructions for these framed shells as well as 28 other beach projects.

7. Sand Casts

Not only will the kids love making these sand casts, but you’ll also have a memento to save as a family heirloom for the future.

8. Hand Towel Beach Bag

I love these Martha Stewart hand-towel beach bags. You can make one to carry all your essentials for the day!

9. Popsicle-Stick Beach Sign

This beach sign is really a nice craft for the kids to make. They’ll love having this to remember the trip to the beach.

10. BBQ Apron

Dress the cook right for grilling the BBQ at the beach party. You’ll find this pattern at Sew4Home.

11. Pebble Sphere

At last, a project using all the pretty rocks that the kids like to pick up is here! This is a beautiful decorator piece for any décor style.

12. Hooded Beach-Towel Backpack

I have a few little grandkidsthat would love this hooded backpack. Do you know a few people who would love receiving this DIY project?

13. Bottle Octopus

This little octopus was made with a plastic water bottle. It would be so fun to have the kids personalize the creature with their favorite colors and decorations.