5 Fun DIY Sleepover Ideas For Kids

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Sleepovers are fun! I can still remember the sleepovers I’ve been to before as a kid and I will always treasure the fun memories I made with my friends. Now that I’m the one planning, I want to create an awesome experience for my kids and their friends. So to also help you out, here are some fun things to do at a sleepover. This list will ensure they’ll want to sleep over at your house all the time!

1. Make Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Sleepovers are a great opportunity to get the kids to learn the art of upcycling. Have them make fun with these easy toilet paper crafts they can wear and play with all through the night.

2. How About Pipe Cleaner Crafts?

You can’t go wrong with this easy craft project for kids. Pipe cleaner crafts are safe and they can make a lot of crafts to keep them occupied all through the night.

3. Balloon Animals

Get to know your animals while having fun with balloons. Teach kids how to twist their very own balloon critters and making the sleepover even more exciting.

4. Make A Teepee

This would be perfect for the girls. Encourage them to hang other trinkets to personalize it! I’m sure they’ll have a wonderful time making and decorating their very own teepee.

5. Balloon Activities

Start each activity with a bang! Write your itinerary down and put them inside a balloon. Start popping when the hour arrives. It’s a fun way to keep your sleepover schedule under control.