6 Easy Kids Crafts For All Seasons

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Whether you’re looking for party activities or just something to kill time on a boring day, here are awesome easy kids crafts to keep both them and you occupied!

1. DIY Sprinkler System For Kids

When it’s hot and sunny outside, there’s no way to keep the kids inside. Make them a frugal DIY sprinkler system and I’m sure they’ll have a great time playing with the water while beating the heat, and you’ll love it even more because this project won’t hurt your wallet.

2. Homemade Slip N Slide

If the sprinkler system won’t appeal much to your kids, here’s another option to keep them cool and entertained: a homemade slip n slide. Nothing beats the traditional way having fun right in your backyard.

3. Homemade Playdough

Using basic kitchen ingredients, you can make your own fun with your kids by creating your own playdough. Easy, quick and so frugal, you will never need to purchase it from the store ever again!

4. Duct Tape Wallet

The possibilities of using duct tape for crafts are pretty much unlimited. This easy craft for kids (or kids at heart) is great for a birthday party or rainy day activity. There is no wrong way to design a wallet dragon, you can add glitter, googly eyes, or fabric to make the wallet even more realistic. But ensure to have an adult supervision when using a scissors and razor…as well as if your dragon omes to life and decides.

5. Balloon Bowl From Scratch

Sometimes a little DIY is all you need to keep the kids occupied on a boring afternoon. This balloon bowl is tried and tested, and it never fails. Your kids will not notice that the whole afternoon has passed them by when making this awesome project.

6. Homemade Stuffed Animals

Drop the common store bought toys, create your own stuffed animals that are sure to be the talk of the toy box. From the fabric to eyeballs, this creature is completely customizable to your kids’ liking.